Drug Safety Testing

Drug Testing Sign

All illicit drugs are produced without regulation and with profit in mind.

This can result in manufacturers producing substances which are not what they are sold as!

In recent years testing your drugs has become a common discussion and practice for many.

WEDINOS are a government funded Drug Testing Service accessible to all across the UK.
WEDINOS require you to send a sample of the substance by post attached with Sample & Effects form, within a couple of day the results will be posted on their website.

The Loop are a Community Interest Company CIC based in Manchester.
The Loop offer Front of House & Back of House Testing at festivals and events across the UK.
Front of House testing means – festival goers can bring along a sample of the illicit substance they plan on taking and have it put through a variety of test to identify if the substance is what they intended on buying, how strong the substance is and if there are any adulterant mixed in with the product.

Front of House Testing is when the testing service is open to the public.

Back of House Testing is when drug testing is happening at night clubs or festivals but only drugs found, confiscated or handed in are being tested. So organisers are still able put out warnings around dangerous substances that they have tested on site.

Reagent Test UK are a company that sell the reagent tests for a multitude of substances.
Reagent test are only able to say if it is or isn’t the substance you had intended on taking.

Whilst there is limitations with reagent testing it is far safer than no test at all!

Just because you know what the drug is, doesn’t mean the risks are gone –

For example

‘Pure MDMA can cause serotonin syndrome when a high dosage is taken’

No Drug use is safe – PURE DOESN’T MEAN SAFE

But Harm Reduction Messages work best when you know exactly what you’re taking.