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October 2019 see’s the launch of our LGBT+ specific web page.

Research indicates that LGBT people drink more, and more often, than society as a whole. For this reason we feel it is so important to recognise and break down the barriers LGBT+ people face when access drug and alcohol services

Stonewall’s Prescription for Change: lesbian and bisexual women’s health check (2008) and Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health Survey (2012) research shows:

  •  A third of lesbian & bisexual women drink three times or more a week compared to 25% of women in general
  • 42% of gay & bisexual men drink three times or more a week compared to 35% of men in general
  • 77% of lesbian, gay & bisexual people drank in the past week compared to 58% of women and 68% of men in general
  • One in eight LGBT people aged 18-24 (13 per cent) took drugs at least once a month.

The Part of the Picture research from The LGBT Foundation shows:

  • Alcohol use is consistently high across the sexes, sexual orientations and age groups
  • 29% of lesbian & bisexual women binge drink at least once a week compared to 15% of women in general
  • 34% of gay & bisexual men binge drink at least once a week compared to 19% of men in general
  • 16% drink at levels indicating potential dependency. (A comparative US study found 3.8% of the population generally drank at increasing or higher risk levels.)

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SPACED are incredibly proud to be offering an in-house service at University West of England .

Not only are we able to support students on a 1:1 basis but offering drug awareness workshops for students who are keen to know more about harm reduction and staying safe whilst at university.

Our drug awareness workshops are held monthly for students.

Along side supporting and informing students, SPACED are also delivering training to the staff at UWE.
To inform and support the staff in having a harm reduction approach when it comes to students using drugs including alcohol.