Magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms2

Also known as

Shrooms, Mushies, Magics, Liberty Caps, Fly Agaric, Philosopher’s Stone, Psilocin, Psilocybin.


  • Magic mushrooms is a slang word for ‘Psilocybe Semilanceata’ or any mushroom which produces hallucinogenic effects.
  • ‘Liberty Cap’ mushrooms tend to be the most common type of magic mushrooms grown wild in the UK.
  • The effects are similar to LSD, but the trip is usually milder and shorter.
  • Magic mushrooms can make you feel confident, relaxed and in good spirits. They can distort sounds, colours and objects as well as speed up or slow down time and movement.
  • It is important to know the different types of magic mushroom as they will differ in how strong and toxic they are.


A raw or dried mushroom.

Method of use

Magic mushrooms tend to be eaten raw, dried, cooked in food or stewed into a tea.


  • There are many different types of mushrooms and some are so poisonous that they can kill you.
  • You do not know whether you will have a good or bad trip until you take them.
  • Trips can feed off your imagination and may heighten a mood you’re already in. So if you are in a bad mood, feeling worried or depressed, magic mushrooms may just make these feelings worse.
  • A bad trip can involve terrifying hallucinations.
  • Whilst under the influence of magic mushrooms your perception of your body and the world can be distorted, which can leave you vulnerable to accidents or other dangers.
  • Magic mushrooms can trigger or exacerbate mental health problems.
  • You can get flashbacks some time after taking magic mushrooms.

Keeping safe

  • If you choose to use magic mushrooms, then use them in a safe environment and in the company of someone you trust. Ideally, this person will not have used the substance themselves and will be in a position to get help if things go wrong.
  • Be very cautious about the type of mushroom you are consuming, as there are poisonous mushrooms which may be similar in appearance, particularly when dried.
  • Take small amount first to test effects and strengths; start low and go slow.
  • Allow magic mushrooms time to work before taking more.
  • It is safer to avoid mixing magic mushrooms with alcohol or other substances.
  • Be cautious about using magic mushrooms if you are aware of any existing mental health problems.
  • Don’t use when feeling tired, anxious or low in mood as you may be more likely to experience a bad trip.
  • If you suspect you have taken a poisonous mushroom then get medical help as soon as possible. If you do have to go to hospital it’s helpful to take an example of the mushroom that’s been eaten, so the doctors can identify it.

Legal status

  • The Drugs Act 2005 amended the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 so that both fresh and prepared (e.g. dried or stewed) magic mushrooms that contain psilocin or psilocybin are classified as Class A drugs.
  • Possession of magic mushrooms could result in a prison sentence of up to seven years and/or an unlimited fine.
  • Supplying magic mushrooms to someone else could result in a prison sentence of up to life imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.