About us

Stimulant Psychoactive Alternative Club and Experimental Drugs (SPACED) is a multi-agency project run in South Gloucestershire to help raise awareness, and give people advice, information and recovery support on all SPACED drugs.

SPACED aims to create a high level of support and advice, by taking a holistic approach involving a wide range of South Gloucestershire services and service users.

For anyone over 18 wishing to access drug support, the single point of contact is through Developing Health & Independence (DHI). Developing Health & Independence (formerly known as the Drugs & Homeless Initiative) is a local charity that was set up in 1999 to help people out of the cycle of homelessness, social isolation and drug/alcohol issues. Our aim is to offer people a wide range of services that help them gain control of their lives again and live independently.

For anyone under 18 wishing to access drug support, the Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service (YPDAS) can be accessed through First Point. YPDAS are a confidential service based within South Gloucestershire that can offer the support that best fits the needs of the individual; someone to talk to, on-going counselling to explore the things they’re struggling with, or just a brief chat on the phone to offer advice and information.