How we can help

Over 18s service

SPACED provides free advice and information on any Stimulant, Psychoactive, Alternative, Club and Experimental drug. You can use this website to find information about specific drugs or Contact us .

SPACED offers 1:1 appointments, as well as recovery, information and group sessions for adults in South Gloucestershire wishing to reduce or stop their substance use:

  • The first step is to Contact us.
  • Initially you will be required to complete a short telephone assessment with a member of our friendly triage team.
  • Once you have completed a triage the Team Leader will allocate you your own key worker, who will then make contact to arrange an appointment.
  • After your individual treatment goal has been identified, your key worker will complete a comprehensive assessment with you. The purpose of this assessment is to clearly identify any areas of need for development and support in your life.
  • From the assessment you and your key worker will, together, create a person-centred care plan. This will include SMART goals for you to work towards.
  • You will then receive weekly one-to-one psychosocial interventions until you meet your treatment goal, as well as access to any relevant groups and holistic therapies, such as reiki and meditation.
  • Once you have achieved your treatment goal you will be offered relapse prevention sessions until you feel stable in your recovery.

Under 18s service

The Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service provides free advice and information as well as support for young people in South Gloucestershire who are wanting to reduce or stop their substance use. For more information, please Contact us.